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    Cirugías reconstructivas y de nariz

    Cualquier cambio en la nariz de una persona, significa un cambio drástico en su apariencia. Cómo deseas verte? Una correcta asesoría es vital para obtener un resultado final exitoso.

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    Aumento de senos

    El aumento de senos puede ser una cirugía que cambie tu vida, tu autoestima y haga que muchas miradas se fijen en ti.

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    La liposucción es un procedimiento que te permitirá lucir de nuevo esa esbelta figura que has perdido por alguna razón.

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Clínica Angel

The place where an aesthetic or plastic surgery is important when looking for a goodresult. La Clinica Angel has all the infrastructure and technology then necessary to give that assurance.

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A plastic surgeon in Colombia must be supported by institutions and agencies that certify their expertise and experience in aesthetic surgery must also have the necessary study to offer their services.

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It is important that every patient knows what will be the recovery process in each procedure. Although variation in each aesthetic plastic surgery and every person, there are details that are common.

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Experience and Studies

Plastic Surgery more than 15 years

More than 10 years of experience in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery
Member of Operación Sonrisa Internacional.


Studies in Plastic Surgery

Specialist of the Integrated Program of the Military Hospital 
Central-university of the Rosario (Bogotá - Colombia). 

Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery, Baylor College Of Medicine (Houston Texas) 

Facial Aesthetic Surgery. University of Illinois (Chicago) 

Craneofacial Surgery, Norfolk (Virginia)

Active Member is Societies

I am currently an active member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery and Operation Smile International.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Colombia

cirujano plastico estetico jorge angel manizales
When you have decided to be operated, you should be very careful in the moment of choosing your surgeon, and that´s why I recommend you to keep in mind certain aspects. 

To begin, any invasive procedure, from the formulation of medications to injecting some product, should be lead by a Medical Doctor, since the beauticians don't have the knowledge to indicate, to apply or to contraindicate a product that is going to produce changes or reactions in your body. 

The medical specialty recommended to carry out any aesthetic procedure is done by a government certified PLASTIC SURGEON that has completed 4 years of graduate degree studies in an approved university, preferably in Colombia; due to the great quality, or a foreigner one with an ICFES approved program, and mainly that has completed the requirements demanded by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery to be an active number member, being this one the only association with international back up (Iberian-Llatin American and International Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society) to certify a true aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon in our country and with a 75 year experience trajectory. 

Is very important, as well as the surgeon's C.V., his years of experience, attendance to national and international congresses, membership to groups or organisations aiming at the specialty, community work etc. Such information can be corroborated in the webpage of the Colombian society. 

The good name of the specialty in Colombia is earned by the tradition of our top universities, the international backup and the good results that are exported that talk for themselves. The top technology that invades our country allows us to have surgical teams and technologies that go along with the new world tendencies in the field of the aesthetics, as well as the biggest security and comfort in the surgery and anesthesia rooms; with first line personnel and last generation anesthesia and monitoring devices

All that is mentioned above, plus the competitive prices offered, make of our country an unbeatable medical tourism destination. The city of Manizales, located in the mountains in the center of the country, in the “coffee axis”, is recognised in the country like a safe and kind city, a city of universities with beautiful landscape, excellent climate for a pleasant recovery and with many entertainment and trading possibilities for the companions, making this city unbeatable for your election.

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Specialized Studies in USA
  • Certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
  • National and International Conferences
  • Surgical equipment and updated technology
  • Postoperative Monitoring